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How We Help

Dyslexia Teacher North London

The classroom can be difficult for learners who need:

  • an overview or context for each new topic
  • support to focus and concentrate
  • more time to understand new concepts or skills
  • new concepts and skills to fit in with what they already know
  • explanations for new or technical vocabulary
  • techniques/ strategies to be demonstrated and modelled enough
  • time and space to practise and apply new skills and knowledge 
  • praise/acknowledgement of effort and process, not just outcome

At Adventures,

this is exactly what we do.

Your child will have an individual assessment and personalised programme targeting each area of need. Typical programmes are reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, memory strategies and all programmes ‘meet’ and ‘join up’, so that your child can make sense of their new learning and begin to use it in their classroom.

We teach you how to:

Young Learners...

  • recognise words and read them clearly/ fluently
  • understand what words mean and how words work
  • understand and use grammar in reading and writing
  • remember spellings using lots of different methods
  • organise & plan, edit and improve writing 
  • analyse poetry and prose, looking at literary devices
  • be systematic and organised in the way you work
  • prepare for SATs
  • work under time pressure and meet deadlines

Older Learners...

  • revise for GCSEs and A-levels
  • take notes
  • manage written information and make it easier to understand and compare
  • analyse novels, poems and plays  
  • rehearse information to make it automatic 
  • plan and write exam answers and essays 
  • work under time pressure and meet deadlines